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Resioopencollege is an e-learning human resource platform set out to encourage alternative cost-effective coperate training in work places across different Geo-location nation-wide. for those who are comfortable with the traditional means of capacity building in work-place will also accept it as an added value, those who are not comfortable before now sees this as a new beginning. Productivity in work places is a function of training. We provide e-learning human resource platform to various organisations to enable them develop efficient and better work-force comparable to any world-wide. we provide the online portal and the human resource units provides the contents and we twit the content for effective training which include video conferencing and lots more. We also provide the needed technical service for online human resource training. We provide services such as- •

  • Corporate organisation remote training (in-house training from different Geo location)
  • Computer Based Tests (CBT) examination for corporate organisation (promotional examinations)
  • Foreign human resource training via your online school


    To create and develop alternative method for work-force capacity building that has positive direct effect on organisation goal.


    To encourage work force look forward to training and participate actively, so that together we could build a viable organisation. To empower human resource units to effectively engage staff in an interactive result oriented training all year.


    Our services is full of creative learning and teaching in work-place

    Business PROCESSES

    Take your work-force to a higher level to face global challenges.

    Deal Services

    Handle corporate training with simple, straight-forward ease.

    Business Formations

    We train with the intention of actualizing organisation goal, competent work-force are major contributors to organisation success.


    We provide various organisations private and public on-line human resource training platform.


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    Software Developer

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    Chinyere Nnonyelum


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    Competent assessment

    09 June 2015

    We provide the best platform for staff training/assessment on the job,our assessment/training help policy makers place value on each staff contribution to collective goal.

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    Online Corporate training

    10 June 2015

    In Nigeria we are the first online human resource training portal service provider, our portal also provide foreign training.

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    Blended learning

    11 June 2015

    Providing multiple learning methods for various organisation, our platform also accept unique training for different organisation.

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